Thursday, September 4, 2014

New system for printing and copying

Amendment:  There has been a delay in the delivery and set-up of the machine for loading money in the Abbotsford Library. So, on the Abbots ford Campus, the Bookstore and the Campus Card Office are currently the only two places to add funds to your card. Note that the Campus Card Office is now back in its regular location, B239.

At the end of August, UFV transitioned to a new system for printing and copying. Now, instead of adding money to your chip, you need to add it to your strip.

For returning students, you can transfer money from your chip to your strip at the Campus Card Office (which is temporarily located in the Abbotsford gym) or at the Chilliwack Library.

For all students, money can be added to your card by Campus Card staff at the gym, at the bookstore, and in the Chilliwack Library. And later in the month, the Abbotsford Library will have a machine that can be used to add cash to your card.

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