Thursday, February 19, 2015

Our Freedom to Read

The Abbotsford campus library has a new display celebrating Freedom to Read week (February 22-28, 2015).  This display encourages everyone to think about and embrace their right to intellectual freedom, which is guaranteed under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.  This display also helps to broaden our understanding of why books have been challenged over time.

You'll also see a display on the freedom of the press, which is very timely in relation to the events that tragically unfolded in Paris earlier this year.  News stories relating to the Charlie Hebdo attack can be accessed by scanning the QR code provided on the display.

We have published a Libguide for Freedom to Read Week where you can explore the books that have been challenged or banned over time, as well as discover what scholars and librarians are writing about intellectual freedom.   Click here to access the Libguide.

The CBC has created: INFOGRAPHIC: 30 books you may be surprised to learn were challenged by censors

This display will be up until the end of March.  

Posted by Mary-Anne
February 19, 2015

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