Thursday, September 1, 2016

Dr Molly Ungar speaks about Queen Elizabeth II and royal portraiture.

Please join us in the Abbotsford campus library on Wednesday, September 21st at 5pm for Dr Molly Ungar's presentation:

"'I Have to Be Seen To Be Believed’-- Queen Elizabeth II in Portraiture”

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
by Andy Warhol

Queen Elizabeth II is the head of Canada’s government, the longest reigning monarch in British history as of last year, a senior citizen who recently celebrated her 90th birthday, and a person who is well-aware of her paradoxical position as an hereditary monarch in contemporary times. In her 63 years as Queen, she has become an iconic figure, and probably one of the most recognized persons in the world.

The Coronation Theatre,
Westminster Abbey:
A Portrait of Her Majesty by
Ralph Heimans
There are millions of photographic images of Queen Elizabeth, hundreds of unofficial artworks, and over 120 commissioned paintings -- no monarch has been painted as many times as Elizabeth II. And yet, no monarch has been so ‘hands-off’ in the process of approving commissioned portraits, making the Queen’s official portraits -- many of them not always on display -- an interesting intersection of image-making, accessibility and inscrutability.   

Coinciding with the visit of William and Kate to British Columbia this September, this audio-visual talk will look at the Queen’s life and times through her many official portraits, juxtaposed with commentary on her numerous visits to Canada.

Click here for directions to the Abbotsford campus library.

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