Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New research databases gateway

A new Electronic Resources Management (ERM) system has been launched as a gateway to UFV’s Research Databases. This new system provides many new features, such as enhanced subject tagging for databases, an integration of licensed and open access databases, the ranking of databases as “Best Bets”, and the ability to choose databases based on content type (journal articles, book reviews, etc.) and resource type (streaming video, full text database, etc.)

Find the perfect research databases for your topic...
  1. Use the pull-down list to retrieve a list of relevant databases for the subject area, including a ranked list of "Best Bets"
  2. Browse an alphabetical list by clicking on the first letter of a database name ... or click on "All" to see the whole list
  3. Type in part of the database title, or a keyword describing the database

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