Thursday, August 25, 2016

Selections from the Newman Western Canadian Cookbook Collection on canning and food preservation.

Many of us are busy "putting up" all kinds of abundance from our backyards and community gardens right now.  We thought we would select titles on the topic of canning and food preservation from the Newman Collection to learn more about how this skill has evolved in nearly 100 years. 

Come in to the Abbotsford campus library to view titles on display such as a 1936 edition of the B.C. home canning and fruit recipe booklet which has been digitized and made available in HarvestIR, UFV's institutional repository (click here to view this item).  The titles on display range from 1921 to 1966 and illustrate the changing attitudes towards food preservation as well as the evolving technologies. 


A brief history of canning as a method of food preservation is available in our Sage Knowledge database; this article "...explains the history of canning, issues of food safety and canning, trends in commercial canning, and the decline and revival of home canning."   Click here to read the entire article.

Bibliography of titles on display:

Adams, E. (1947). Cooking under pressure: A modern guide to pressure cooking and canning. Canada: Cottage Publications.

B.C. Tree Fruits Limited. (193?). B.C. home canning and fruit recipe booklet. Kelowna, B.C.: publisher not identified.

City of Winnipeg Hydro-Electric System, issuing body. (1951)  Canning:jams, jellies, pickles.  Winnipeg: City of Winnipeg Hydro-Electric System.


Lee, C. H., Atkinson, R. M., & Manitoba. (1921). Canning by the cold pack method.  Winnipeg:Manitoba Department of Agriculture and Immigration.

Northwestern Utilities Ltd. (1956). Home canning and freezing. Edmonton: Northwestern Utilities.

Simpson, E. C. R., Saskatchewan Research Council., University of Saskatchewan., & University of Saskatchewan. (1966). Freezing foods at home. Distributed by Extension Division, University of Saskatchewan.

More information about the Newman Western Canadian Cookbook Collection can be found in our research guide

This display will be available throughout the Fall 2016 semester.