Thursday, September 27, 2012

Heather's Hot Pick: Language Arts Programs (EDUC 420 Assignment #2)

Some resources to seek out for this assignment:  

David Booth
(Abbotsford Stacks)

Classroom Talk (Curriculum)

Story drama [videorecording]  (Abbotsford AV- VHS)

Faye Brownlie

Lucy Calkins
            The art of teaching writing  (Curriculum)

Kristi Clifton

Susan Close

Unfortunately, Susan has never published the book she was originally going to do.  You will want to check out her website:

Smart Learning presentation by Shawna Peterson.  Chilliwack interpretation of Smart Reading.  And a poster: Guide for smarter learning [picture] illustrating the philosophy: 
Not a lot in Education journals has been written about this program. 

Adrienne Gear

**We also have Reading Power Kits organized by this approach’s methodology and here is example book:  Giant Steps to Save the World  This book is in the Reading Power IT or Intermediate Transform Kit.

Cathy Mere


Maureen Auman
Step up to writing. Grades K-3 [kit], Grades 3-6 [kit], Grades 6-high school [kit]  (Curriculum)

Ruth Culham

The Trait Crate Kit Series.  We have kits for K to Grade 5.    **Scholastic has only published up to grade 5   Example record:  Grade 5  (Curriculum- Kits Section)

North Vancouver School District

Unfortunately, we don’t have any titles from these:

Open Court Reading
Debbie Miller
David Doake
Reading Mastery

But you could try searching  Education Research Databases  (ERIC, Canadian Business &Current Affairs-has Canadian Education) to see what the Educational literature may say about them.  Please note some programs or authors are more well known then others. 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

ILL Articles Now Come Directly to Your Email Inbox

Something exciting happened over the summer, something that many of you have been asking for: the UFV Library implemented a new system that allows us to deliver articles from other libraries directly to your email inbox.

Now, when an article you requested via "Where can I get this?" or through our interlibrary loan forms arrives, we'll send you an email with instructions on how to retrieve it online; watch for a subject line like the following in your inbox:

Your Requested Article (PAT-10000001) is Available Online - See Instructions

If you've requested more than one article, and they arrive the same day, the email message may contain multiple links.

Please note that under Canadian copyright law, this digital copy may only be used to make a paper copy for the individual who requested it and this copy is to be used for the purpose of research or private study only.

You may also notice that some of the other messages regarding interlibrary loans are different; those, too, are a result of the new system.

Watch for changes as well in the "Where can I get this?" and interlibrary loan forms; we're working to reduce the amount of information you need to provide us when placing your request.

Got questions? Contact our interlibrary loans staff: (604) 864-4678 or