Friday, April 11, 2014

Chilliwack History Display

The history of Chilliwack display in the Chilliwack library’s southeast window has been getting a lot of attention from passers-by!!

Congratulations to library technicians Johanna Sawyer and Tracy Bergey for designing and arranging photographs of local history, such as a paddle wheeler that plied our waters, historic farm fairs, Chilliwack’s Chinatown, and a view of the main street downtown from the horse and buggy days. 

Tracy and Johanna also picked out library resources such as “Milk Stories: a history of the dairy industry in British Columbia, 1827-2000” by Jane Watt, “Where Eagles flew: an early history of the Chilliwack Flying Club” by Barb Lawrence, “Chilliwack’s Chinatowns: a history” by Chad Reimer, and “Edenbank, the history of a Canadian pioneer farm” by Oliver Wells, to go with the display. At times, all of the library resources in the display went out on loan! That back window is a great place for a display!

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