Friday, April 11, 2014

KPE students new display in Chilliwack Library

Kinesiology students brought their final projects titled "Be Safe, Be Active", into the Chilliwack library after displaying them in the hallways at Canada Education Park campus. 

Chilliwack library staff added library resources such as books and journals to these displays. Some of the following are the student projects on display in the Chilliwack library:

“Youth out” is a program designed to promote the great outdoors to sedentary youth, promote psychological well-being and develop environmentally conscious adults.

“S.P.A.R.C. – Sport participation activity report card” is designed to increase youth participation in community sport programs and community centre activities.

“Apne Bache” a project to promote healthy living in the Indo-Canadian community through physical activity and nutrition interventions aimed at children.

Some other interesting projects:

“Let’s get moving” aimed at getting children active through seasonal activities, including snowboarding, canoeing, tennis and mountain biking.

“Life cycle” promotes affordable, safe and injury-free mountain biking on local trails and teaches life skills to high school students.

“All in after school sports” promotes healthy living and teaches life skills through affordable sports and physical activities and grows future leaders.

“Golf for life” for children 7 to 10-years-old is a physical activity and life skills program in an after-school care setting.

“See what you hit” is a concussion awareness program for junior football players, coaches and parents to help avoid concussions.

 “All points lifestyle change” helps overweight and obese adults increase their quality of life and develop healthier relationships with food.

“Youth financial literacy” is aimed at promoting financial literacy among 16 to 18-year-olds leaving high school, through budgeting and planning lifelong financial success.

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